09/01/14 – Narrative Intro – Emmanuelle Waeckerle NOTES

The frame cuts into space and the shutter cuts into time, turning the photographic act into an event itself – David Campany.


  • Textual Narrative
  • Text as Image
  • Image & Text (eg: captions or part of the image)
  • Still Image
  • Tableau Image
  • Moving Image (eg: slideshow or video)


  • Linear Narrative
  • Random Narrative
  • Open Ended / Closed (notion of suspense)
  • Repetition / Permutation
  • Flashback


  • Documentary
  • Fiction
  • Scientific
  • Theoretical
  • Poetic
  • Personal / Diary

Raymond Queneau: Novelist & Poet. OuLiPo Movement. 1903 – 1976. Combined rigorous experimentation with restless humour.

Fiona Banner – The Nam: Painting, book and audio tapes. Non-fiction installation. Performance Nude – writes description of what she sees.

Larry Sultan – The Valley: Influenced by Edward Hopper’s Hotel Room, 1931.

Victor Burgin – Gradiva: Translates to “woman who walks”. 8 images in series.

Rene Margritte: Compares words and images as means of representation.

Martha Rosler: Documentary images and text by the side. Photographs of words (how the describe homeless drunks)

Gabriel Orozco: Constructed or not? You don’t really know.

Robert Frank: Story Lines. Repetition.

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