10/01/14 – Narrative Intro with Ellen Nolan NOTES

Yaron Lapid – Scanned in photographs. Slideshow loop. Lost identity – eyes cropped out re-tells the narrative, detail provided from images you have an idea of who they are. Found imagery.

Sarah Jones – Staged photographs. Girls in domestic environment. Set colour pallette.

Taryn Simon – Text with images, turning innocents into criminals – misidentification

Sophie Calle – based on a letter she received from her lover wanting to end the relationship. she asked models to act out how they would feel if it was a letter sent to them. Influence on narrative, letter scaled and size is different when exhibited. It’s dynamic. Emotions to work, delicate lighting.

Sharon Lockheart – Auditions. Re-acting “First Kiss” which children in LA – five images in series.

Bill Owens – Photographing surburban families. Quotes sit in the frames with the images. Cinematic technique.

Ellen Nolan – Previous Personality. Photographs with her mum having Alzheimers. Role reversal. Emotional. Dated images – makes it narrative. Colours = important when she took the photographs. Losing sense of identity – clothes and personality.
Waiting Room – Set up castings and photographers. arranged models and made them wait. Inspired by paintings.

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