10/01/14 – Narrative Structures & Concepts, Natasha Caruana NOTES

Shape of the story – refer to NC’s slideshow.

13th February – Slideshow version of narrative.

Mishka Henner – Found images. Bliss. Text used. Capturing the in-between moment (freeze framing). Sense of bliss?

Araki Nobuyoshi – Challenges social taboos. Sex, Life, Death. A Sentimental Journey – honeymoon. A Winter’s Journey – death of wife. Dual narrative – life v death. Challenging. Frustration – destroying the negatives.

Alison Jackson – Celeb and Culture. Chronological retelling of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Lily McElroy – “I throw myself at men”. Set herself up in bars for blind dates. Woman meets man! Social pressure of being single. Fragments.

Jeff Wall – A Sudden Gust of Wind. Tableau. Re-staging the image of Hokusai. Moment seen through actions – paper/bags flying and guy laughing.

Marina Abaramovic – The Lovers, Great Wall of China. 90 day performance. Walking across the Great Wall of China, her one end the lover at the other and they would meet in the middle and get married. Beginning of working separately. They decided not to get married in the end and so it turned into a bid farewell.

Natasha Caruana – Good Luck Video. Had a found image, went to another country and was asking people “Have you seen my father” and the narrative started from there! Quite frightening to watch on Vimeo actually!


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