Lightroom Workshop – 23.01.14

Today I had a digital workshop based on software Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere.
As part of my Narrative project, I have to create something digital, be it a slideshow or a video and present it to my peers in February. So today, my tutor kindly gave us a “dummies guide to Lightroom and Premiere” workshop this morning!


Library Module

  • Input Images
  • Create Slideshow

Slideshow Module

  • Guides – not appear on screen go to: View -> View Guides
  • Changing colour of background – right hand side tool bar, Colour Wash and/or Background Colour.
  • You can preview your slideshow of images at any given time by clicking on the Preview button.
  • Slide Duration – Change timing and fading by moving the slide bars of Slides and Fades 
  • Background Image – Drag and drop image into the box on the right hand side
    – Want a selection of an image? Go into Development Module, right click (Mac – Cntrl & Click) on the image and select Create Virtual Copy crop it to how you feel fit then repeat the Background Image step. When it comes to the slideshow itself, make sure that you select Use Selected Images in the drop out box situated above the filmstrip otherwise the cropped image will be part of the slideshow!
  • To make the duration of a single image longer, right click on the image (Mac – Cntrl & Click) and select Create Virtual Copy. By having the images side-by-side it will make the duration longer, HOWEVER if you have the fade to colour selected in the right hand side tool box then the image will flash and it will not look like a smooth presentation.
  • Intro / Ending Screen – good part to perhaps put a title page?
  • Adding Music – Select Sound – Choose. Ticking Fit to Music will make sure the sound is played for the duration of the slideshow.
  • Create Saved Slideshow – NAME – tick Inside – Choose Collection.
  • File -> Export Video – Select the 1080P (good quality to have.)

Video Made in Adobe Lightroom can be seen here: 

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