Primary Research: Family Archive (Pt1)

Once getting the idea of using myself for my Narrative Project, I decided to go home for the weekend to do some research.
I managed to get up into the Loft and brought three boxes down full of old images that my family have stored over the years that have been lugged around from loft – to – loft and never really seen much daylight.

I had an amazing find, I found lots of photographs that my Grandfather took when he was in the Navy and on his travels (pictures from Singapore to Hong Kong!) and I learnt so much about him – I just wished that he was here to tell me more about the photographs in detail.
Alongside this brilliant find, I managed to find some formal pictures of me growing up as a child… As much as it embarrasses me to post it on the web, I will be using these pictures to help get the ball rolling with a slideshow of some sort for my digital presentation.
Here is a selection of photographs I have found (From left to right… 1) First Baby Portrait 2) Toddler Portrait – Aged 1/2 3) First School Portrait – Nursery I believe, 4) Aged 4/5 – My Grandfather’s Favourite Portrait, 5) Millenium Portrait – Redgate Middle School Aged 8/9. )

My next steps:

  1. Go back and try and find snapshots of images of me growing up.
  2. Record & Interview a family member (my mother) about me growing up.
  3. Begin Slideshow using either Adobe Premiere or Adobe Lightroom.
  4. Timeline of events of my life.



LYP_1995 LYP_Toddler,-1995









  1. Thats a great idea Lucy! It sounds like you found out a lot about your family in the process. You may have already seen it, but this made me think of a youtube video I saw of Michael Jackson growing up you mite want to check it out. Also keep your eyes pealed because there seems to be a lot of adverts showing people as they grow at the moment.

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