New Year, New Start!

Well I have to say it… I am now officially in my final year of my Photography Degree.
It’s so scary!

I have completely dived into my work head first and feel like I was drowning for the first two weeks, however now that I feel more settled I can pick myself and begin my projects.
For this blog, I will mainly be concentrating on my practical work for this year which will be Independent Study and Resolutions!


So… The idea I have for I.Study is to work with the body, in particular taking a further look into Jacques Lacan’s mention of the fragmented image in his essay The Mirror Stage. 
To get the ball rolling, I have created a mood board on Pintrest (you can view it here to help me think of ways of how I can photograph the body.
The interest in nude/photographing the body first came to me when I was participating in a work experience project with a small production company in King’s Lynn. The brief for this mini project was to organise “Fine art nude” photo shoots suitable to put into a calender for 2015. I had so much fun and learnt so much, but unfortunately I had to stop attending due to my studies at UCA and thus no longer taking part.
HOWEVER, the small amount of knowledge I acquired, I am eager to create my own photo-shoots for university and push my knowledge further and gain confidence in this genre.

So there we have it!
Oh! Before I forget, for anybody that is doing an art-related course at any level, I recommend Pintrest as a great way to help you create mood-boards and gain ideas to help you being your projects. My friend introduced me to it and I am so thankful she did!

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