Just an update…

So… I am now coming into my third week of the project. And it has gone off to a slow but reassuring start.

The last couple of weeks I have spent trying to find models willing enough to participate in my shoots. Due to the nature of my shoots I have had to specifically state that I want either fine-art nude or life drawing models, by doing this I know that the model should be comfortable with either doing a partially or fully nude shoot with me in the lockable studio my university has to offer.

9 times out of 10, I normally use people I know and have a strong relationship with around the university to participate in my ideas and shoots, however I have pushed the boat out and made myself come across as “Professional” by creating online cast callings.
Over the summer I was introduced to a website called Purple Port  by a local photographer in the industry. It’s great for students like myself as you sign up for your free months “unlimited” profile and after the time for that has ended you have the option to pay to get all the benefits of an unlimited account or just stick to the basic free one (which is what I have opted for until I make it into the photographic world!).
Creating a casting call was really simple and easy to do via Purple Port and in a short time I got quite a lot of interest from people of all ages and sizes.

On top of trying to keep my sanity and finding decent models for my projects I have been cracking on with a little bit of research. As well as reading Jacques Lacan’s Mirror Stage in depth (not only for this project but for my Dissertation too) I have been looking at photographer’s work such as… Sally Mann’s Proud Flesh, Bill Brandt’s Nudes and David Hockney’s Joiners. This is just a the initial beginning of research and I will be researching more in depth at other photographers and artists to broaden my knowledge.

Just to push the boat out a little further, I have also been getting to know my camera! The photographers first intimate session of understanding how your cameras and for us photographers to geek out a little bit!
For the next 6-7 weeks I am going to be using a Hassleblad camera which is something that is completely out of my comfort zone for I have never used one of these before! I managed to organise a one-to-one tutorial with Paul the Photo-technician and he was able go through the basics and gave me a film so I could go and practice.
And as you can imagine I have instantly fallen in love with the Hassleblad and cannot wait to work with it more with later on this week!

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