Project Proposal

For this project I am aiming to create a series of images focusing on the human body. By doing this I am hoping to develop my knowledge of nude photography further and to establish the difference between nude and ‘pornographic’ photography.
I will be creating these images under the influence of Jacques Lacan theory of the Mirror Stage paying particular attention to the Fragmented Image / Body and thus applying this theory to my photographic practice.
For my photo-shoots, I will be looking for both male and female models to par-take in test shoots and depending on how well I collaborate with them hopefully use them for my final photo-shoots. Because of the nature of my project, I will have to make sure that I have created model release forms to get the models full permission to take photographs and present them in front of my peers and my portfolio. When undergoing the shoots, I will be paying particular attention to lighting as well as the body itself, and shapes that we can position the body into to get the desired photograph while hopefully gaining further knowledge and confidence with working with others.
My photo-shoots will be taken on site of the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham – we have a small studio with lighting that is only accessed by using a key. This studio will be ideal for what I want to achieve as other members of the university will not be able to enter the studio without my permission and hopefully it will make my models feel more comfortable when working with me.
I aim to undergo at least two test-shoots to help me make the vital decisions of how I want my studio to be set up for my models, and undergo the minimum of 5 photo-shoots to create my final images. The chosen platform for creating my images will be on 120mm film – This project is ideal for me to get back into the darkroom environment and be experimental with my work. I felt 120mm film would be best suited as I can pick up on the detail and make larger prints than 35mm could do and it will give me the chance to explore using Hassleblad cameras – something I have never tried before and eager to learn new skills in a camera I am not confident in.

120mm Film, Photographic darkroom paper, Studio (Lockable), Lighting & Softboxes (all studios are equipped with this), Light Meters, Wireless Flash Sync Transmitters, Flash Sync Cable, Hassleblad, Digital SLR, Enough money from my budgeted weekly allowance to pay for film and printing costs.

Recaping on how to use Hassleblad / Medium formats.
Photographic printing techniques – wet process photography and being experimental as well as fine digital printing,
Scanning negatives digitally, not only will I have a digital copy of the image but I will also have back-ups just in-case I lose my negative strips.
People skills – being professional around model that is outside of the university.

TIMETABLE (Rough Guide):
29/09/14 Group Tutorial
30/09/14 RDB
06/10/14 Test Photoshoot 1
07/10/14 File Management Workshop
13/10/14 RDB
14/10/14 Test Photoshoot 2
15/10/14 Photoshoot 1
20/10/14 Photoshoot 2
27/10/14 Photoshoot 3
28/10/14 Workshop
03/11/14 Group Seminar
04/11/14 Photoshoot 4
10/11/14 Photoshoot 5
11/11/14 Individual Tutorial
24/11/14 Production
25/11/14 Individual Tutorial
02/12/14 & 03/12/14 ASSESSMENT REVIEW
08/12/14 & 09/12/14 FEEDBACK TUTORIALS

No. of hours scheduled activity: 100
No. of hours of independent study: 200


LO1) Demonstrate skills in proposing, researching, initiating and evaluating a practical project.
LO2) Demonstrate the development of technical and practical skills appropriate for this project.
LO3) Demonstrate the ability to independently produce and present an ambitious photographic project.
LO4) Demonstrate further development of employability in photography in related areas.

OBJ 1) To develop a good understanding of Nude Photography.
OBJ 2) To develop a good understanding of Lacan’s theory of Fragmented Image/Fragmented Body.
OBJ 3) To produce a filled and detailed Research and Development Book that shows a clear understanding of how I advanced in my project.
OBJ 4) To produce a series of high quality printed photographs that demonstrate practice and technique to show in front of my peers.

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