CV – Final Draft.

After spending pretty much the entire afternoon sat at my computer screen, I managed to create my final CV! (Huzzah!)
To help me try and create a creative CV, I looked a variety of photographers and what they have posted  on their websites about themselves.

I decided to stick to a mono-chrome colour theme. I find black and white very simple but very effective and around the corners of the two pages I put detail of 35mm film to help stick to the theme of photography. (Unfortunately when scanned in, the printer only printed half of the corner art, but you can gain an understanding of what I mean when you view the pages below).
I thought it would be a good idea to list my computer skills as picture icons rather than writing everything as text. I believe that it makes my CV rather easy to read as the logos used for the computer software is universally known and it jazzes up my CV a little bit!

So far, I have only listed one reference as I am unsure of who else to put, but this can soon be easily updated by going back into Microsoft Word.

Artist CV2 Artist CV2.2

CV. First Draft.

My first attempt at writing a CV I found extremely difficult. So I created this draft over the Christmas Period ready to bring to a tutorial with a member of staff for when Professional Futures carried on into the second term.

When I had my tutorial, I got told that this was a good first draft, but I needed to make it more creative (after all this was a creative CV I was attempting to make). My tutor also said to try and look into creating something quite colourful and perhaps use an image of some sort, and to help me get ideas to visit and

My profile needs to be short, factual and punctual and if I can, try and write two references, one personal and one professional.

Artist CV1 Artist CV1.2