Primary Research: 21st Birthday Powerpoint

As part of my 21st Birthday, my family planned and arranged this slideshow of images to be played on loop onto a tv screen after my guests and I had eaten.
Luckily, my family have saved this slideshow and I thought it would be a good starting point for me ┬áto begin with my own narrative. The slideshow is good, however I feel that I could add more into this selection that my family have organised, such as the period of time when I was undergoing my GCSEs, taking part in the Air Cadets an perhaps even snapshots of when I was studying Photography in college and the workshops I underwent. The slideshow is also very basic, just pictures of me moving from slide to slide and little text at the end (with the photo I dreaded the most!). With my slideshow, I hope to have something more – voice recordings to describe my changes growing up.
However, this powerpoint presentation was created from somebody else’s point of view – how they see me and the changed they noticed when I was growing into the person who I am today.

Idea Map: My Life

I decided to create a mind-map purely focusing on the theme of my life.
By doing this, I hope it will help me to gain some sort of structure on how I will be able to shape my project in both my digital format and my final product.




When creating this mind-map, I discovered that in my family archive, I know I have a mixture of both formal photographs (eg: School Portraits and Holiday Snapshots). In my tutorial with Ellen Nolan, we discussed about having the same, if not similar format of photographs throughout the project. I think once I have dug into the boxes full of photographs I will have to experiment with how I can incorporate the formal portraits with my holiday snapshots.