Work Experience

So as part of one of my university units, I have to organise a work placement in the photographic industry. This is to help “us students” to gain knowledge of what it is like working in big bad world and I’m finding it rather nerve racking…

I went to a tutorial on 13th January (unfortunately it was cut short due to over-running) about me feeling pretty stuck with what area of photography I want to go into. So talking to my tutor, I mentioned I had contacts with a photographer in my local newspaper back at home in Norfolk and she said it would be a good idea to use that as a starting point.

Thinking about my strengths in photography, I love being able to work around people (ie: taking their portraits) and I love to travel (which I’ve made into my new years resolution for 2014.) Keeping in mind my strengths, I’ve decided to contact people who work in the studio environment.
Here’s a list of who I’ve emailed so far from 13th January to today (19th January).

Chris Duffy – Portrait Photographer (based in London)- No reply as of yet.
James Stopforth – worked for Tim Walker as an assistant for a while – No reply as of yet.
Matthew Burch – portrait photographer based in farnham – No reply as of yet.
Andy Gotts – Portrait Photographer (has a Dr in photography! and MBE!!) – No reply as of yet.
Farnham Herald – Newspaper – No reply as of yet.
Paul Marsh – Photographer for The Lynn News – No reply as of yet.
EDP – newspaper, contacted them with regards to information about work experience… No reply as of yet.

As you can see, no luck with people replying as of yet but if I keep my hopes up, something is BOUND to happen.
I was given a list by my tutors about past students work experiences, so I might have a nosey on that and see what  is interesting.