Narrative Project Brief

A photograph can have multiple readings according to where and how it is displayed and who is looking at it. In this unit you are required to engage with how meaning can be constructed within

A – a single image, often referred to as a ‘tableau’,

B-across a series of images, and,

C – by combining image with text.


You are asked to construct two significantly different ‘narratives’ on a single theme or subject of your choice. Your approach could embrace any genre – documentary, fictional, fantastical or conceptual.  The first narrative must be screen based (slideshow, video, ebook, blog), the second a printed publication (folder, newspaper, small book, set of postcards etc..).


In this module you will learn how to guide the viewer to the conclusion you want, be it truth, fiction or nonsense. We want you to consider

· How the meaning of one image can be affected by another, whether it is adjacent, in a sequence or combined with text.

· How the context in which images are seen affects their meaning. This means you will need to define/describe this context.

· How different types of narrative are constructed (linear, random, fragmented, flashback, tableau,…)

. How the aesthetic of the image – its mise en scene, influences meaning (lighting, composition, format, point of view, viewpoint, color…)

. How the addition of text, or spatial devices (blank pages, movement, sound) can influence meaning.


You will submit for assessment


– RDB; sketchbooks and an online research blog

Two different “visual stories” in two formats

One in digital form submitted for the formative review on a cd or dvd (max file size 100MB). You will have the opportunity to improve it according to feedback for final assessment. It can be a slideshow, single screen projection, ebook, pdf with 3 or more tableau images)

One in printed form submitted for the summative review as a bound publication; booklet, newspaper, magazine, (max 20 pages, stapled, spiral bound, hand stitched, folder, ring binder, print on demand).