Roland Barthes – An Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative

pdf of writing:

20140116_125807David Rule mentioned Roland Barthes in the introductory lecture to my Narrative unit. He said that in this writing Barthes breaks down the unit of story telling, he argues if everything has a meaning in narrative, and his answer is yes.
Narrative contains functions – these are the actions, events in a narrative and they can be branched off into two further options cardinal which is something that drives the story on and catalysts which are trivial.
On the other side, Narrative can have indices and this is an element that pretty much describes the atmosphere of the story. The being which is something I feel that I could possibly relate to when it comes to photography.

Barthes says that “narrative is universal”. It is something historical and something we pretty much see in our day-to-day lives.
In the language of narrative, he explains about the linguistic structure which he believes is something that is always related to data and grammatical theory. We use sentences as a structure and this relates back to narrative on how the language is normally described as a formal structure. He then goes on about the level of meaning which I believe is some sort of clarification of elements that go into making a narrative, which is the “doing” part (relating back to the chart I drew).

This is quite a heavy piece of reading, but once you read it over and over it does start to become easier!