Basic Powerpoint Experiment.

Using my brother’s PowerPoint presentation he did for my 21st birthday as a starting point, I decided to create my own to get the ball rolling with creating a slideshow.
Using P.Point as a toll to create my slideshow was very easy – I’ve used this software so many times before I could work it with my eyes closed! Creating this slideshow was incredibly easy and not really much of a challenge to make. This slideshow is very basic and in all honesty I feel it’s very boring and not something I want to show to an audience.
I feel that the slideshow could have more interaction with it – fades in and outs, text is pretty simple and could be changed to make it appear more interesting for my audience to look at too.

Tutorial with Ellen. 7th February

Ellen and I discussed about what photographs I should use for my digital narrative. I showed her the selection of found images I had gathered and we discussed options.
What was said that using my school portraits would be the best option as they all have been taken in the same format and it clearly shows the change I went through when growing up.
Here are the images:
Toddler Pic - 19971-Edit Toddler Pic - 19981









Scan 10-Edit.1

Toddler Pic - September 20001










Toddler Pic - 2001-20021

Toddler Pic - October 200212








Things to consider when creating my slideshow:  Experiment with both Text and Voice recordings. What type of structure is this going to be? Linear? Memory? Flashback? Consider transitions between images.

Primary Research: 21st Birthday Powerpoint

As part of my 21st Birthday, my family planned and arranged this slideshow of images to be played on loop onto a tv screen after my guests and I had eaten.
Luckily, my family have saved this slideshow and I thought it would be a good starting point for me  to begin with my own narrative. The slideshow is good, however I feel that I could add more into this selection that my family have organised, such as the period of time when I was undergoing my GCSEs, taking part in the Air Cadets an perhaps even snapshots of when I was studying Photography in college and the workshops I underwent. The slideshow is also very basic, just pictures of me moving from slide to slide and little text at the end (with the photo I dreaded the most!). With my slideshow, I hope to have something more – voice recordings to describe my changes growing up.
However, this powerpoint presentation was created from somebody else’s point of view – how they see me and the changed they noticed when I was growing into the person who I am today.