To help me get started for my project, I decided to create a mood board of images to help me feel inspired.
Most of the time I normally Google-Image search the idea I have and spend a copious amount of time cutting and sticking images to fill either an A4 page or across my wall… That was until my friend who has previously graduated from my course introduced me to Pintrest (Thank you Fran!).

Pintrest is great for any enthusiastic blogger or for new people like me – the website pretty much acts like a digital pin board, where you can create sub-pinboards and pin your favourite things to posts that interest you to uploading and pinning your work. So as you can imagine, for photographers just like me I managed to create a pinboard where I am not limited to how many photographs/ideas I want to pin and I can access it anywhere without the fear of spilling tea all over my work book.
Don’t get me wrong, I have placed something into my Research and Development book to go alongside with my submission but by doing this I feel limited to the space that I am using.

So for all you fellow photographers out there that are stuck with how to begin your projects, I highly recommend pintrest!
If you want to feel inspired, you can have a look at my online-mood board by CLICK HERE