StoryBoard for Digital Narrative.

After completing the Powerpoint Presentation, I decided that my digital narrative could be made in a more creative way.
A few weeks ago, the second year photographers had a workshop on how to use software such as Lightroom and Adobe Premier Pro to help us to make a high quality video.

Before creating my short video based on my school years, I decided it would be best for my to create a story board of what I want and how to achieve my short film.


This is my story-board I created. I divided an A3 sheet of paper into grids and placed images and text with what I want my slides to say throughout the video. I also added where I want my text to fade in and out, where I wanted music and notes at the bottom of each grid.

Creating this story board has given me an advantage to this project – it allows me to experiment with change in my story line  to improve my creation. This acts as a visual process for my vital thinking and planning thus allowing me to brainstorm and place ideas onto a story board which helps me to create and place more ideas.