Tutorial 24/01/14 – Ellen Nolan NOTES

I had a tutorial with Ellen Nolan today. Going to this tutorial really helped as I was feeling completely stuck with what to do as part of my Narrative Unit.
I explained the two ideas (from previous post of my idea mind-map) and she really liked the idea of using myself however she felt that I needed more than just my RAF WARMA marching photographs.

These are the notes I took in my tutorial:

  • Journey – keep it as a main theme for this project
  • Young age photographs of myself –> how I look now. Cropping of images/full length = try and get them all in a similar format.
  • Idea of time – what role does it play?
  • Narration for Digital piece – Don’t rule out voice, experiment with recordings and text/captions.
  • My view of change – narration?
  • People who know me commenting on change of me growing up / views of me.
  • Slow sequence for slideshow of images –> change speed slightly reflecting on how quickly I grew up as a child.

After much discussion of ideas for my digital version of my photographs, we then went onto discussing what I should do as the final product that I have to hand in in March. I came up with the idea of creating a photo-album and placing pictures inside with hand-written captions next to them.
What I like more, is that this project will be left pretty open and unfinished, thus allowing me to continue on with taking pictures of myself during special occasions as well as growing up/older.

Next Steps:

  • Create a mind-map of ideas with what I can do – help me progress with the outcome of Myself.
  • Contact my Mum to see if I can look through the family archive of images.
  • Sift through my personal images (contact friends/family if need be) and find images of different areas of my life (EG: ATC Years, 18th Birthday, 21st Birthday, College, High School, University, Family Reunions/Weddings, etc)
  • Create a timeline to help me shape my slideshow / build my family album.
  • Begin artist research.