Model Release Forms

For the nature of my project, I felt that it would be best suited for me to think about having a Model Release forms.
Having model release forms is a rather professional and common feature for many photographers who work alongside models, and it is in a way a mini contract simply stating that the model you wish to photograph is giving full consent for you to do so.
There are many MRF templates that you can download from websites such as Professional Photographer and Association of Photographers (AoP), and by doing a quick Google Image search I was also able to come up with some other designs that other photographers have used.

Exploring different types of model release forms, I was able to get an idea of how I wanted to write mine.
I managed to make my model release form my own and customize it to fit my brief accordingly.
The form didn’t take me long at all, and I felt as long as I have the major parts (explaining that nudity will be apart of the shoot, the fact images may be put into a portfolio and their signature) I could keep it as simple as possible!